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  1. Hey Daniel, or Zach – guest blogger. I’m just here to say that I finished the first book in The Water Travelers series and I loved it! It was very entertaining, and it has left me excited to read the next book! Here’s the link to the review! It has my full honest opinion, and I hope you enjoy hearing my thoughts! Thankyou to Daniel for suggesting me to read your book, it was awesome.

    • Josephine! Thanks so much for your read! And review of book one! Honesty is better than pretend 7 days a week! All feedback is good feedback. Without spoiling too much, I’ll release you a promotional quote from the second book we use. Remember there are 7 books in this new series 🙂
      [“The time will come when Aaron and Madalyne learn the truth of the night they met and the feelings they have for each other.” Yerowslii paused and looked up at the glass ceiling, wishing things were different. “But, let that come in its own time”]
      -The Water Travelers: The Curse of Senapin

      • You at very welcome, despite the problems I had, it was a fantastic book! Wow, 7 books! I’m so excited, really excited to see where The Curse Of Senapin takes Aaron and Madalyne.

      • Hey! Hope all is well, I (Zach) was wondering if you wouldn’t mind going out of your way for to leave an honest review on Amazon for your recent read! Thanks for following us and keeping up with our series and blog. 🙂

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