Odis Pogg – Chapter 4: Odis And A LOT Of Water

Chapter 4 of Odis Pogg is out!


Last Chapter left off with Odis and Yerowslii being taken captive by Pirates while chasing Ula! (Note, Ulsa has been changed to Ula.) Hope you enjoy this chapter as Odis faces a lot of water…

– Odis And A Lot Of Water –

Shackles jingling and jangling were not the most friendly of things to wake up to. They were so annoying, the way they clinked and clanged. And they were cold, always cold. No matter how long your hot skin pressed against them, shackles always remained cold. But the worst was probably the smell. That salty corroding rust—and just knowing that that is what your skin was being pressed against.

Shackles were awful. Good thing they weren’t on Yerowslii. But poor Odis. Well, Yerowslii didn’t feel too bad for him. The Keeper was stuck in his own little prison to be fair. The couch he had was hardly cushioned.


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