Quickly steal the spotlight in the TTT challenge this Jan!

Can’t wait to do a post on this topic this month! Check it out and do one yourself!



Whoooopp Happy New Year fellas! The first day of the year is a…dun dun dun Friday! So here I am at your service majesty.

The topic for the month of December was “The first sighting of Love“. Here are my four on point posts

Riding Love

What made you Hate him

A Little hope, A little life

What I love About her

All of them were received so well I was really over whelmed. Thank You soo much for reading my work and liking it.

I challenged you all to try writing a post on the topic too

And here are the gems that stole the Spotlight away last month!

First up, The First Sighting of Loveby the Ninja Charly xD. The cute short story has an amazing charly twist and it kept me hooked the entire time. You totally should read it!

Fix of Fiction

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