New Year. New Month. Fresh TBR List…Sort of.


2016 is here to stay for a whole year. Can’t get rid of this thing, geesh. But it’s not just moving into our lives without brining some things for us too. It brings new months, new days, and it’s bound to bring new experiences. So starting off with both feet on the ground, (actually one leg is currently under the other as I sit in a chair writing this) I’m going to lay out my JANUARY TBR list. But I’m gonna take it a step further. This is my


To Be Written Read and Played List


Most of you understand a TBR list (books that are To Be Read) but this list encompasses writing and, yes, I’m actually going to try and set some time aside for this, games to play.

You may think games are kind of silly to set a list for, especially when it comes to games like Video Games. But I think there’s a great value in all things games, be them board games, video games, made up games, sports, whatever–I don’t think they get enough love and I think all of them are healthy ways to stimulate some creativity. So yeah, I’m going to try and set time aside to play video games and other games this month and if it goes well maybe every month of our new friend 2016.

So without further or do…

First, Books

1. Harry Potter 


Not the entire series, but at least the first book! As most of you (probably few of you) know, I’VE NEVER READ THE HARRY POTTERS…OR SEEN THEM. (beside the first two which I saw before the age of ten.) So, after getting the first three for Christmas, I think it’s time to start book one. (I must finish The Rest Of Us Just Live Here first though.)



2. Clean Up. 

I hate the idea of fixing some baggage as we go into a clean slate, but I have got a massive already started but haven’t yet finished book list already. I need to close those before I open other books (yes I’m still planning on opening HP but that’s it.) The books I’m currently reading and plan to finish include:

  • The Watchmaker Of Filigree Street
  • The Night Circus
  • The Rest Of Us Just Live Here (Loving it loving it loving it I’ll probably finish it today)
  • Heir of Fire (Also in love. I’m not ready for it to end because then I’ll have to get Queen of Shadows and then I’ll finish that and then I’ll have to wait for the next one to be written but in the mean time I’ll read ACOTAR and ACOMAF.)
  • Do Over

So yeah. I’ve got a lot to read and if you know me I’m not the fastest reader because I tend to take pauses and soak in what’s going on because I like to think I’m right there with my people. But I’m gonna go for it. And I’m gonna do it.

But before I drowned myself with more books I can’t wait to read, it’s time to move on to the Written list.



1. 10,000 words of Book Three in The Water Travelers series. 

As most of you know (I’m sure most you actually reading this know this) I’m an author. I write books. Or something like that.

And I love it.

The Water Travelers is my baby and but I haven’t shown as much love to Book Three when it comes to actually writing it, because I’ve been so busy trying to make sure it’s good. There’s a lot going on. A lot happened in Book Two: The Curse of Senapin and a lot more is about to happen. Aaron and Madi have things going on, Samuel met Rosaline, Thomas is well…Thomas. Yerowslii has secretes coming into light and the worlds are in chaos and oh yeah Ugine and all his stuff that he has to…he’s got a lot. And I don’t want it to be rushed or taken lightly in anyway! I will let you know the book will have a Part One and Part Two, no it won’t come out separately it’s just gonna be a big book.


2. 4 More Chapters of Odis Pogg

Odis Pogg2

This quirky adventure of Yerowslii’s younger years has been a lot of fun, and if you haven’t started it yet you’re not far behind at all. Continuing this is gonna be a lot of fun! I’ve loved hearing what you guys think of it so far!


3. 4 more Chapters of P0llyanna

To answer some of your questions, no, it’s not a part of TWT series. It’s completely separate from TWT Series and I can’t wait to keep this crazy adventure going. If you haven’t started that, you’re not far behind either!


4. 3,000 words of CAPTAIN HETTRA

You may have heard about some of this. Ugine is getting his own story. Look out for it this month!


And onto the games…

To keep this simple, I have only one game I’m going to try and spend some time in this month.

The Legend of Zelda

5844151001_e2e9fbe033_o 2

(I know there’s a lot of games in this (series?) but my goal is just to play some Zelda.)

I’ve loved the Zelda games since I picked up a controller for the first time. And honestly, I think they stimulate creativity. All the adventures you go on and places you visit and things you have to overcome. It’s a great way to relax your brain while honing creativty as well, so I’m looking forward to picking up the controller this month.

That’s it Travelers! Hope you’ve enjoyed this months TBWRAPL! What do you have on the radar for January? Any books, games or writing goals? Hope everyone has a fantastic 2016 filled with many adventures!





5 thoughts on “New Year. New Month. Fresh TBR List…Sort of.

  1. Beth Reekles

    Good luck with your TBR pile too! (I’m also dying to read The Night Circus, let me know if it’s any good?) 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks! And to be honest, I’m having a hard time getting through it. By no means am I done with it, but I’m just not a huge fan of it’s writing style. But I’m looking forward to finishing it and then giving a full opinion!

  2. Holy smokes, never read Harry Potter?! That’s a true rarity! I’m so excited for you that you’re going to be starting them. They’re the best. 🙂

    I enjoyed the Night Circus a lot, too. It’s a tad slow at times, but the descriptions are breathtaking. I wasn’t a fan of The Rest of Us Just Live Here. I finished that one recently and found it a little strange. Hopefully you enjoy it a little more than I.

    1. I’m actually a little bit reversed! I’m loving TROJLH and having a hard time with The Night Circus! But I’ll let you know once I finish them both!!

      And I know. It’s crazy. I’m one of the few but I’m super excited to finally understand everything everyone talks about with HP!

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