Odis Pogg – Chapter 4: Odis And A LOT Of Water


Last Chapter left off with Odis and Yerowslii being taken captive by Pirates while chasing Ula! (Note, Ulsa has been changed to Ula.) Hope you enjoy this chapter as Odis faces a lot of water…

– Odis And A Lot Of Water –


Shackles jingling and jangling were not the most friendly of things to wake up to. They were so annoying, the way they clinked and clanged. And they were cold, always cold. No matter how long your hot skin pressed against them, shackles always remained cold. But the worst was probably the smell. That salty corroding rust—and just knowing that that is what your skin was being pressed against.

Shackles were awful. Good thing they weren’t on Yerowslii. But poor Odis. Well, Yerowslii didn’t feel too bad for him. The Keeper was stuck in his own little prison to be fair. The couch he had was hardly cushioned.

Okay so it wasn’t fair.

He was a wizard and Odis wasn’t, and they only had one cell that could hold a magic wielder (not that it could hold Yerowslii, he already did a subtle test on it’s structural integrity and it was pretty shabby) which happened to be the nicer of the prisons.

Odis popped up an eyelid and Yerowslii took a bit of the apple a ship hand—literally just a hand, probably belonged to someone—dropped off nearly twenty minutes ago.

“Morning mate,” Yerowslii said, the juice of the apple rich in taste compared to the stale air.

Odis jolted forward but was held back by the chains. “Where are we?” He rubbed his eyes and did facial moments that made him appear more ape is than whatever he was. His eyes widened and closed and widened again while blinking as though mist was spraying at him before he finally looked at Yerowslii again and said, “Yerowslii, where are we?”

“The middle of the ocean.”

“What?” Odis gasped.

“On a pirate ship.”

Odis flailed to his side, chains still restraining him. His hands around his side and a hand pressed against that molding pirate ship wood he tried again, “What?”

“It’s a vessel that sails across open waters.” Yerowslii crossed his legs and took another bite of the green apple.

“I know what a Pirate ship is.” Odis looked around and then back at the keeper. “Why are we on one though? Why don’t you get us out of here?” He leaned in closer and almost whispered, “Are you stuck? Can you not break out of that cell.”

Yerowslii howled out a jolly laugh. “Oh goodness no I could be out of here in a matter of seconds.”

Odis raised his brows with a forward head notion as if to say, “Okay so do it.”

“My dear Odis.” Certainly it felt good to be the one with the plan again. “As much as I’m apposed to half cared for tapestry and the reek of mildew, I need these pirates as much as they….well, no they don’t really need me.” He took another bite. “But I need them to think they do.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because they are taking us right to Ula. They’re hot on his trail.”

Odis’s eyes widened and he let out a brief, “Oh” before settling back on his elbows. “So what’s the plan?”

Yerowslii grinned. Perhaps Odis wasn’t so bad.

“No talking!” A menacing pirate with half a face, also again, literally half a face, shouted below deck.

“I do apologize. We were just chatting about how we’re looking forward to being sold for scraps. It’s going to be so exciting,” Yerowslii shouted back up and chucked the apple to his side, it flying through the cell bars and colliding with the ship haul. “Oh and how there’s a hole in the ship.” Yerowslii snapped his fingers and the apple exploded.

Water gushed through the now holed haul as the shipmate shouted out, “WHAT?”

“Yeah waters really going everywhere,” Yerowslii shouted back and switched his tone back to the sarcastic pirate he always wanted to b, “And me poor mate ere’s gonna drown ya hear me?”

Shouts and rabble filled the upper decks while water flooded the floor of the cellar. Orders were barked out before dozens of crew burst into the basement, empty buckets in hand.

“You’re gonna need a lot more than that…” Yerowslii said, legs still crossed as the water fall of ocean blasted into the ship.

“Yerowslii,” Odis aggressively whispered, rolling back and forth in the water that was now covering his knees.

“Stand up,” Yerowslii mumbled back.

The harsh whisper of, “I can’t” had Yerowslii getting a little nervous.

“You might want to hurry that up,” he said louder, trying not to sound worried. “Ya need to patch the whole,” he shouted over his shoulder.

“Quite wizard! Or we’ll let ye both drown down here.”

“I’m just saying, you don’t have enough buckets to keep the ocean from coming in.”

The water line was now at Odis’s neck.

“Free me and I’ll patch it with my magic,” Yerowslii through the offer out there but was shout down immediately. “Well then good luck mates.” He leaned back against the shoddy cushion and closed his eyes, popping one open to watch Odis, who took a gulp of air while he could.

“I mean…” Yerowslii spoke again, “It wouldn’t be too difficult for me.”

Pirates tossed bucket after bucket above the haul trying desperately to stop the ship from sinking while attempting to board up the whole with whatever they could find. But it was a pretty big explosion, one that would take some time to patch.

“Aaaaannnd we’re sinking.” And Yerowslii wasn’t bluffing, the ship was literally going under.

His cell door opened, keys dangling from dirt covered fingers as the low voice of the long black bearded captain snarled, “Okay, Wizard. Show us what you’ve got.”

“I’m gonna need my staff,” Yerowslii said with one raised brow.

“I’m not stupid.” The pirate Captain pinned him with a stare. Yerowslii glared back. The captain narrowed his brow. Yerowslii slightly cocked his head. The captain didn’t waver as the ship continued to sink.

Yerowslii grinned. “Pirate till your last breath.” The keeper stood up and pulled Odis, who was not completely covered in water, above the surface first. With one point of his fingers the chains snapped and the dingo was free.

“Breath. Breath,” Yerowslii coxed as Odis coughed up water. “Everything is gonna be alright.”

“What—” Odis gagged on more water. “What took you so long?”

“A time and place,” Yerowslii grinned and he could have swore Odis would have punched him had he not dropped him into the arms of the pirate behind them.

“Wizard let’s go!” The captain shouted.

The ship took a dive as water now rolled over the deck.


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