New Book Syndrome

Maybe you’ve experianced it. Maybe you have it? I know I do.

Ever get a new book, and while your dead smack in the midst, or beginning or end or whatever–while you’re already reading another book, YOU PICK UP THE NEW BOOK BECAUSE A PACKAGE CAME IN THE MAIL AND YOU JUST CAN’T HELP YOURSELF.

And then there you go, 20 pages deep in another book while you’re already reading 1 or 2 or 3 or 32 others.

If this is you, then you have New Book Syndrome.

You can’t help it. The book just looks so shiny and it’s there, in your hands, and you can’t like not read it. That’s practically like just not breathing.


But you’re not alone, and there are ways to work with NBS.

1. Just Hold The Book, and read the back.

It’s there, in your hands. And you control that book, it doesn’t control you. (Not yet at least, it may make you cry 100 pages in and there’s just nothing you can do about that.)

2. Show extra love to the first.

That new book wants all your attention, but you already have something, and you need to show it the proper attention before you divide yourself too much. There’s nothing wrong with reading more than one book at a time, but no book likes to be picked up, read for 20 pages, and set back down on some surface. Show it the proper time, when it’s ITS time.


3. Make Time for Your Books

Books aren’t gonna read themselves, we know this. So set some time out in your day to your book time. Maybe it’s midnight, maybe it’s breakfast, I don’t know, but try to set a time and stick to it. Doing this will guarantee that you make it through books! (I need to do this myself I know it’s tough.)


Hope you enjoyed this Travelers! Do you have NBS? Do you have any ideas of how to overcome it?



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