I got to be Santa Clause!

I was at a book signing for The Water Travelers and the guy who was supposed to be Santa didn’t end up fitting in the costume. So, here I am, being a Santa Clause Model. Posing with book one of The Water Travelers series.


I felt like so much responsibility rested on my shoulders! Little kids came up and sat on my lap and told me what they wanted for Christmas and the joy in their eyes and on their faces was crazy! They legitimately thought I was Santa! (maybe I am)

Book sales weren’t outrages, so enjoy these festive Christmas cards I choose to make.

IMG_0024makin it rain, water travelers


IMG_0021chestnuts roasting, by the floor…Look at that stellar Santaaaaaa, but look at that beautiful book…none of this ryhmmeess, Merry Christmas




IMG_0023oh hey.


IMG_0027naughty, or nice?


IMG_0020help I’ve fallen





IMG_0006you get nothing.


IMG_0008not Santa Clause Lane but it’s whatevs



just leave me here.


IMG_0005no no no. This book is ****.


IMG_0032here’s me! Actual me.


IMG_0029I was selling books next to this author. He was pretty cool. Click the pick for his book.


And the rest is just me being Santa. All in a days work.





IMG_0012candle stuff!




IMG_0013lady who made jewelry!

IMG_9995you know it.


IMG_0007well that’s all folk. Have a Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho hO OOHh Oh no.


Thanks for stopping by, Travelers! Hope you got a laugh!





9 thoughts on “I got to be Santa Clause!

  1. ariastuckinwonderland

    Awww… That is just the cutest thing to do! 🙂 You definitely made a lot of kids happy. And you seem to have enjoyed yourself too anyways. ^_^

    1. I would have posted some of the picture with the kids actually sitting on my lap and telling me what they wanted for Christmas but I didn’t know how parents would respond! They were so cute though! This one kid was hugging me so contently and he would not let go and others were in total shock it was crazy!

      1. ariastuckinwonderland

        I could imagine. Kids are just too adorable. What did you tell them though? Did they ask when you would deliver the presents?? :p

      2. ariastuckinwonderland

        I wish I could have been there. 🙂 did you remind them that they better be nice and not naughty? 🙂

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