Top Ten Tuesday – op Ten New-To-You Favorite Authors You Read For The First Time in 2015

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This Week’s Topic
Top Ten New-To-Us Favorite Authors We Read For The First Time in 2015

 I broke this into two parts, because there were a lot of wonderful authors I didn’t get around to reading this year. So, I have

 Authors I Read in 2015 and Authors to Read in 2016.


First up, Authors I read:

5. Richard Foster – I never finished Celebration of Discipline (still hope to.) But Foster’s writing was so advanced and complex that it was like a whole’nother level of reading! Guy was like a walking dictionary.
4. Gerald Morris – Not entirely new (read him in seventh grade…) but I decided to pick his series, The Squire’s Tale, back up and continue what I left so many years ago. His writing is fantasy with knights and wizards and other worlds so as you can imagine, it’s just my thing.
3. John Acuff – I’ve only just started his book, DO OVER, but I’m excited to read all of it. Watched him speak, and on stage his humor was clever and thought out so I’m hoping his writing bears the same blood.
2. Anne Frank – It’s taking me a while to read her diary, mostly because of you know, life and stuff. But her voice is so good! She’s witty and sarcastic and honest and true–it’s like you can hear her heart beating in her writing. Even in such chaos she’s able to speak. Remarkable, she’s absolutely remarkable.
1. Sarah J. Maas – If you haven’t followed my blog or seen me in a coffee shop or witnessed me curled up by a fire with a warm cup of tea, then here you go: Oh my gosh. THIS AUTHOR IS AMAZING. (I get made fun of far getting excited while I read and saying things out lowed or bouncing around. Honestly I’m holding my excitement back most of the time out of respect for, well, everyone.) BUT OH MY GOSH. SHE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HER. Most of the reading I’ve been doing has been written by Maas. I can’t put her down, and I think my heart will break the day the Throne of Glass series is over.

1. Patrick NessThe Rest of Us Just Live Here sounds like a fantastic book, and just based on some of the parts I’ve read, Patrick Ness sounds like a phenomenal writer.
2. Gillian Flynn – With the hype over Gone Girl, I’d love to check out her work.
3. Rainbow Rowell – I don’t know If I’ll ever pick up Fangirl, but Rowell continues to receive praise for her writing so hopefully someday I’ll read one of her works.
4. J.K. Rowling – Please don’t shoot me or slap me or blacklist me, but I just haven’t read anything by the greatest fantasy writer in our generation… I can’t wait to start, though! I’m waiting for the day (week, month, moment) I can sit down and just soak in the Harry Potter series.
5. Lemony Snicket – He’s quirky, weird, humorous and just seems like a flat out enjoyable author that I can read for a good laugh. If I enjoy the first book in The Series of Unfortunate Events then I plan to tackle them all.

Thanks for reading, Travelers! What books have you Authors have you read this year? And who do you look forward to giving a chance in 2016?



10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – op Ten New-To-You Favorite Authors You Read For The First Time in 2015

  1. Rowell writes cotton candy books–cute and sweet, but not too much substance. You really have to be in the mood for them and like that kind of thing.
    The same with Gone Girl, which I loathed–I can’t stand books where too many characters are flat out unlikable. So it wasn’t my cup of tea.
    Ness’ book is on my TBR, too–I’m in line for a copy at the library, so it’s only a matter of time. It’ll probably be 2016 by the time I can pick it up!

      1. I live in a pretty good sized city, so a popular book can have up to a couple hundred people in line waiting for it. The city’s library system will get a bunch of copies, but you still have to wait.

  2. I really need to read some Sarah J. Maas, I feel like I’m the only one on earth who hasn’t read Throne of Glass. I’ll get to it in 2016, I promise. And you really need to read Harry Potter, oh man oh man, you’re in for a ride.

    1. Maas is so good! You’ll love TOG, I hope.
      Let me know when you pick it up! I caught the bus so late that everyone’s already onto other authors so I know what it’s like when you want to talk about it but everyone either has spoilers or hasn’t read it!

  3. YOU NEED TO READ PATRICK NESS. His books are stunning and his writing style is incredible!
    Rainbow Rowell writes such sweet books and you can really identify her signature through her writing and stories.

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