Ways To Get Hyped Up For Christmas If You’re a Partial Grinch | Monday Musings

I’m usually a Christmas Grinch. But I can get into the season this year, I guess….maybe…..gah.

Josies Book Corner


Hello bookworms and welcome back! It’s Monday, and so, I am back here with another Monday Musings post! ‘Tis the seasons for Christmas-themed posts, so in honor of the upcoming holiday we are all looking forward to – or NOT looking forward to – I am presenting to you a Christmassy discussion/musings post

Christmas is possibly the biggest holiday for everyone around the world. Even as early as November, people are pulling down their Halloween decorations and replacing it with their Christmas decorations, pretty lights and playing their yearly Christmas playlists from Spotify. And generally, people are excited – because who would start Christmas decorating in November if they weren’t excited? Duh.

But, there are those who would rather think otherwise; those who don’t comprehend the hype around Christmas, those who question the absurdity of preparing for a holiday so early on in the year. These people are…

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