Tattoo Thursday (week 2)

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! (Maybe you don’t—you probably don’t.)

It’s Tattoo Thursday!

This is just a collection of some of the tattoos I thought were cool this week! Feel free to add to the list just link back to me.



I don’t know how I feel about the breaks, but something about this one’s nice. Maybe it’s the mountains. Maybe it’s the trail, look at the moon phases in it and look at the flowers. I’m a huge fan of the pure dark spots in contrast whats in the foreground.



Another continuation tattoo, this one’s pretty sweet. Except, I’d always be wonder how big the whale is when I open my arms or trying to make the whale one by putting my arms together. It be really distracting, but still cool!



Okay this is sweet. It has an old asian tone to it and the placement of it seems great. I like how it flows in and flows out.



This guy had his around his leg, but I want to do something like this around my arm.



It’s like peering into another world!



and of course, I do love me some wolfs. Look how cute he is…and it looks like he has a little beardy



That’s all for this week Travelers! Which ones did you like and again, feel free to share tattoos you found!




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