The Beauty of Being an UNorganised Human | Monday Musings

Josie’s Book Corner is a fantastic blog and if you don’t follow it, I recommend doing so for great posts and great reads. She hosts something called Monday Musings, and this weeks was on The Beauties of Being an ORGANIZED Human Being. So, of course, I had to speak for those of us incredibly UNorganized human beings, and share the beauties we seem to find in our clutter. Feel free to travel over to her blog for the other side!

People have tried–and still try–to get me to be more organized. And I love them for it, I honestly try to be slightly more organized myself because I’m sure some great things will come from it. But, no matter what, I can never stay organized. Something ALWAYS finds its way out of place.

But there’s greatness in clutter, too!

I always know where everything is (sort of) and other people don’t. It’s like my clutter is some sort of super safe that keeps my stuff hidden in a shroud of confusion that only I can see through. And when someone ‘rearranges’ or tries to ‘organize’ my desk.


My clutter is like my home. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel safe if everything is perfect. I need something to be inperfect otherwise my head wants to explode and fill the space with thousands of ideas. I’m not saying I like this…


(that’s atrotious)


But I do understand this…


It’s bee said that messy people are more creative. But I have to say, creativity isn’t an excuse to be me messy, it’s an opportunity to visually display to the rest of the world what goes on inside your head.

Elite Daily (just a random magazine I that had the topic I googled.) said,

“Einstein wasn’t alone. Mark Twain, too, had a cluttered desk. Perhaps even more cluttered than that of Albert Einstein. Mark Twain was one of the most imaginative minds of his generation.

If the likes of Einstein and Mark Twain don’t catch the attention of Generation-Y, I give you Steve Jobs. No wonder he invented iBooks, it’s clear he had trouble maintaining his real life ones. His desk, and office alike, were f*cking disasters.”


I think about my notes, (btw, I love the notes Josie demonstrated) and my desk and how cluttered things are, and when it’s organized I just don’t feel like I work as quickly. I prefer to live in my clutter, it’s just homie for me. The only thing I like super super organized is my computer, and even that is a disaster! You know how many folders I have that go something like this:



And look at my notes!


I’ve got stuff written sideways, upside-down, scribbles left and right, torn pages and little diagrams that probably look like mountains or dinosaur scales to everyone else.


and that’s just one of my five current notebooks!

It’s hard to stay organized when there are hundreds of characters living inside your head!

Clutter is how I function best. Everything may seem scattered all over the place but it’s all strung together in its own way. And for every person, it’s gonna be a little bit different in everyone’s own little way.

Many thanks to Josie for posting about this and creating the topic! Seriously go see her blog




2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Being an UNorganised Human | Monday Musings

  1. DANIEL, I love it!! I’m so happy you took a twist on this topic and talked about the other side! You’re right in saying what you said though, clutter can be comforting for people, and I do know people who can have a mess of things around the place but still know where everything is! I must even admit that my desk gets pretty cluttered (quite regularly) but I make an effort it clean it up every day!
    Great post and thank you so much! 😊

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