Tattoo Thursday!

I don’t know about you, but I really like tattoos! I can’t figure what I want to get, but here’s my current top 8! Do you have tattoos or tattoo ideas? Post about it and link back to me to share them. Let me know what you guys think of these!


I like this one, I’d just have it start around my wrist…tumblr_n6pt28yP701su7hvmo1_1280



I adore clouds and floating islands, so something like this one would be sweet! Idk about the shapes in the background though, those would have to go. tumblr_nlvqmmiSAl1r4xwo9o1_1280



Having a forest around your arm would be sweet.










Whales, like wolves, are magical creatures.tumblr_nvcrxoj0yY1uslsi4o1_1280


I like the stars and the mountains 🙂

(not a huge fan of them being trapped in black bubbles though…)



Did I mention lions?

This style tattoo is flat out dope.




And of course…one day I’d love to get symbol of The Water Travelers tattooed. One day……LOGOTWT


What do you Travelers think? Do you like tattoos? Do you have a tattoo folder?


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