Pollyanna Chapter Two – Scuffles and Odd Behavior

Here’s chapter 2 again if you missed it yesterday!

Thanks for stopping by Chapter Two! Chapter One left off with the Headmaster of Ribbawhim asking if Pollyanna would take a walk with him. If you missed it you can read it HERE! (Or up there)

– Chapter 2 –

Scuffles and Odd Behavior


They began walking down the north end of the hallway, toward the left look out tower of Ribbawhim.

“Are you in love, Pollyanna?”

“Who? Uh. Me? Me? What? In love? Uh—no. No I’m not why do you ask?”

Why in all of existence would he ask a question like that?

            “When my wife died, I was at loss for anything but distress. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, nobody could talk to me thing, life truly felt meaningless. But, like few wizards do, I experienced something else. Something quite dangerous. Magic distress.”

“Magic distress?”

The hall was growing darker as they walked. These corridors saw little…

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