Family – Specter Review – And Dream Job


May or may not be related to Christoph Waltz…

I did see Specter last night and I love it!! They packed a lot into it and I honestly thought it was a really great James Bond film. Sure, some things could have been touched up in the eye of a critic, but at the same time it felt very right. Bond was a classic spy, and he was hunting down a crazy villain. Car chases, trains, planes, counties all over the world, falling in love and knowing when and when not to use a license to kill.

Being Bond is always a dream job goal. Could you imagine? Just the secret agent life in general would be sweet. I don’t know why, but I actually like the idea of always being on the run, looking over your shoulder, constantly surveying your surroundings. And helping people without them even knowing it, I would love that!

Granted, I love writing too. (Check out The Water Travelers series to fund my secret agent dreams)


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