Odis Pogg – Chapter 2

Chapter two of Odis Pogg!

Sorry this is a day late Travelers! Here’s Chapter Two of Odis Pogg! Last chapter left off with Odis and Yerowslii running down an alley after stealing the uniform and wand of a Yinna Councilmen!

Odis Pogg2

Chapter Two – Odis and the Plan

Not that he didn’t, but why should he? The royal family and him had talked maybe once, and they were snobby at best!

“And I care because?” Yerowslii wasn’t heartless, but he didn’t particularly like King Har or his spoiled kids.

“Because you’re the Keeper of Upitar, Yerowslii. And as the keeper, you’d be concerned if Upitar were to be over taken by Hybraiic.”

How did he know his identity?!?! The one thing he was trying to keep hidden here at Yinna! The one reason he wouldn’t write his name with Odis watching in the first place!

Those questions would be answered later, though. There was another crisis…

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