Odis Pogg – Chapter 2

Sorry this is a day late Travelers! Here’s Chapter Two of Odis Pogg! Last chapter left off with Odis and Yerowslii running down an alley after stealing the uniform and wand of a Yinna Councilmen!

Odis Pogg2

Chapter Two – Odis and the Plan

Not that he didn’t, but why should he? The royal family and him had talked maybe once, and they were snobby at best!

“And I care because?” Yerowslii wasn’t heartless, but he didn’t particularly like King Har or his spoiled kids.

“Because you’re the Keeper of Upitar, Yerowslii. And as the keeper, you’d be concerned if Upitar were to be over taken by Hybraiic.”

How did he know his identity?!?! The one thing he was trying to keep hidden here at Yinna! The one reason he wouldn’t write his name with Odis watching in the first place!

Those questions would be answered later, though. There was another crisis, something of greater importance.

“Emperor Morik,” Yerowslii gasped under his breath. So much information was hitting him at once! He didn’t have time to ask questions about who Odis was, because if his information were correct, he’d have bigger problems on his hands. Much bigger problems.

“Morik hired Commissioner Usal to kill the role family so when his forces march in tomorrow morning, the kingdom won’t have time to recover or put up a defensive fight.”

“Where’s Damius Hetra?” The Captain of the Guard had a reputation for sniffing out an ambush months in advanced.

“In the room. He’s clueless this time.” Odis put Al’s wand between his teeth and handed Yerowslii the clipboard before starting his climb.

“What do you want me to do with this?”

“You’re the one with authority, thought you might like it,” Odis shouted over his shoulder. “Better get climbing, don’t want to be late to the party.”

“Bloody hell.” Yerowslii, instead of taking the ladder like an underclass magic user, leaped along the walls, scaling the building much faster than the wiseacre Odis.

Sliding onto the landing, Yerowslii waited for his new ally to ascend to the halfway point of the structure. Sitting with his legs crossed, Yerowslii pretended to write down Odis’s time on the clipboard when he finally reached him.

“Very funny,” Odis struggled to catch his breath. “Open that door.”

Although he was pointing at something as if he knew it, there was definitely no visible door along the crystal building.

“It’s a magic door, just sense it out,” Odis insisted.

What did he know about magic that Yerowslii, the Keeper of Upitar didn’t?! A magic door, hosh-po—

            The door opened with a wave of Yerowslii’s hand.

“My goodness.”

“I’ll explain them at a later date.”

“You’ll explain more than just how doors work.”

Odis lead the way, clearly knowing a little more about the mission than Yerowslii. The secret entrance was a long tunnel made of shifting stone. It petruded and transformed all around them, but the path they hurried down remained the same.

The end led them to a secret watch hall filled with dozens of shaded windows. Below they could see the grand hall, where all the exuberant wizards raved over the newest weapons and old artifacts. An unfortunetly long staircase ascended to the second level, and then the third, forth, twelfth, (Yerowslii was nearly exhausted) and all the way up to the hundred and thirtieth.

“There wasn’t an easier way?” Yerowslii clenched his lungs as he desperately tried to inhale the universe.

Odis’s heaving wasn’t interrupted by the keeper’s question. After a too short moment, Odis struggled down the hallway and peered out one of the surveillance windows.

“There,” he pointed.

“What?” Yerowslii didn’t even take a step, no way was he burning anymore energy than he needed to.

“The room.”

“What room?”

“The room we need to get into.”

“Just come over here.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Blow a hole here so we can drop in.”

BLOW A HOLE? Was the dingo mad? Did he have any idea how much energy that would take?

            “Drop in and what? Die?” Yerowslii bantered, “We won’t last four seconds in there, I can barley walk!”

Odis rolled his eyes and reached in his pocket.

“Here,” he said, somehow being able to toss something to Yerowslii, who was unable to catch it.

The pebble like thing tumbled across the floor, evading the mumbling wizard. Picking up the pebble like material, he contemplated hurtling it at Odis. With enough force it would kill him if he were lucky.

“What is it?”

“It’s called drute, just eat it. It’ll restore your strength.”


“We don’t have time. The royal family is taking their seats at the table!”

What was the worst it could do? Yerowslii popped the small pebble in his mouth and it instantly dissolved. Not only his physical, but his magic strength returned in a moment!

Roaring with energy, Yerowslii threw Odis out of the way and peered through the window. Getting up off the floor, Odis dusted his shoulders and gave Yerowslii a disapproved look.

“Sorry, didn’t realize it would work that well,” Yerowslii said with a smirk.

Odis shrugged it off, literally, still rolling his shoulders to shake off the fall.

“Alright, stand back,” Yerowslii said, forming a ball of magic in his hand.

Alongside shifting stones, Yerowslii and Odis fell in a crowd of smoke. The ground erupted with a violent quack upon Yerowslii’s landing. Standing with grace, they faced the blank stares of the assembly before them.

“What is this?” Usal, Commissioner of Yinna questioned.

Yerowslii pointed at him in accusation, “We know your plans to murder the royal family, Usal.”

Maybe he should have rethought that (this entire operation.) His accusation was based on the word of some rando he met in a criminal holding cell…

“That’s absurd….” Usal said, his hand waving for Captain Hetra to sheath his sword.

Eight arch mages surrounded Yerowslii and Odis.

“That’s why you’ve signed a contract with Emperor Morik to own Arena Capital in turn for helping take Upitar,” Odis revealed more of the information he’d been saving.


“Arena Capital is your largest competitor, by you owning it you’re profits will double.” Odis better of fact checked his sources, because the wizards around the room were starting to build in magic energy.

“Just because I have a competitor doesn’t mean I want to kill off the royal family. That’s a bit a stretched ludicrous.”

The royal family, caught in the middle of this, were becoming rather twitchy. But who could blame them, two crazy wizards just busted down from the ceiling and now a mage show was about to go down right before them.

“And yet your still grudge against King Har still remains for him not giving Iris in marriage to your son.”

The eyes of the family perked up, and now he had Usal’s attention.

“How do you know of that?” King Har rose from his seat.

“Same way I know of the plan for your assassination.” Odis, in a much quieter tone, mumbled to Yerowslii, “Now.”

But Yerowslii whispered back, “I need the wand.”

“What? No, I need it?” Odis mumbled.

“That does not explain yourself,” King Har said with great authority. The Captain’s sword was again drawn.

“Give it to me…” Yerowslii quietly insisted .

Odis hissed from the corner of his pressed mouth, “I need it!”

“For what?” Yerowslii squeezed out, taking in the wizards around them. No doubt they were powerful.

“I don’t have magic.”

“What!” Yerowslii said loud enough for everyone to hear.

“ANSWER ME!” Har erupted, his face red—no orange—no yellow, it was changing color.

“Then why in good goodness do you need the wand?!?”

“I need a weapon of some sort, I was hoping Al would have used something more cliché like a staff.”

The King started clenching his throat.

“He’s choking!” Odis shouted and ducked, dodging a fireball aimed for his head.

Yerowslii spun around and ripped out four blasts of magic. The brawl had started. Sliding over to the royal family, Odis was blocked by the blade of Captain Hetra.

“He needs four-leafed-rudic, it’s the antidote!” Odis pleaded.

Yerowslii had his eyes on Ulsa. With no wielding weapon, the keeper couldn’t funnel his magic properly.

“The wand Odumb!” he roared, putting up a force field behind him. It wouldn’t hold long but it would hopefully give him enough time to rip off Odis’s head and pry the wand from his fingers.

Captain Hetra lifted King Har over his shoulders, the remanding royal family drawing the weapons they had. Circy, the youngest son, wielding a mini ax. Riddi, the daughter, using the pins that held her hair together, and Diapoa, the oldest son, taking the battle ax he was known to always have around his shoulders.

“Get him out of here!” Odis yelled, taking the wand and attempting to stab a foe wizard who had gotten around the barrier.

The wooden wand didn’t even make it through the mage cloth.

That! That is what you wanted to use the wand for?” Yerowslii yelled, blasting the mage back with a direct line of blue magic.

“It was the only thing I could think of!”

Yerowslii yanked the wand from Odis and glared at him while letting loose a barrage of magic on the gang of wizards breaking through the barrier behind them.

“THAT,” Yerowslii shouted, eyes still staring down Odis as he pointed at the field of smoke and rubble, “Is what I could have done with it.”

Odis cracked a sideways smile and had the audacity to say, “Lesson learned?”

“Gah!” Yerowlsii threw his hands up. “Where’s Ulsa?”

The commissioner was nowhere to be found, and neither was the royal family for that matter. Within moments, the royal family and poisoned Upitarian King, would be lost in the streets of the largest wizard convention in all the realms with a psycho mage known to have immense power.

“Oh dear,” both the keeper and Odis mumbled, Yerowslii firing off a shot at a wizard that tried to stand from the rubble.

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Happy Traveling!

– Daniel Waltz



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