The Water Travelers Side Story – Odis Pogg

I made a cover for this too! (Not it above.)

As part of the side writing I’ve been doing, I’ve been working on some offshoot Water Travelers stories!! This one in particular deals with our good friend Yerowslii. Hope you enjoy! If you want a side story written about a specific character, I’m open to requests!

Sorry about the WordPress version, for a simpler read, CLICK HERE

Chapter One – Odis the Dingo

Odis wasn’t a very good speller. No certainly not. He could hardly write his own name without riddling it with errors. But the lad did have a great understanding for what people could not see, for he saw beneath the skin—which is quite possibly why we became the friends we did.


“Mr. Pogg, your name….” the desk clerk wasn’t friendly, to say the least. But who could blame her, seeing hundreds if not thousands of rambunctious wizards waiting to get into Yinna, only the greatest wizard convention…

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