The Water Travelers Side Story – Odis Pogg

As part of the side writing I’ve been doing, I’ve been working on some offshoot Water Travelers stories!! This one in particular deals with our good friend Yerowslii. Hope you enjoy! If you want a side story written about a specific character, I’m open to requests!

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Chapter One – Odis the Dingo

Odis wasn’t a very good speller. No certainly not. He could hardly write his own name without riddling it with errors. But the lad did have a great understanding for what people could not see, for he saw beneath the skin—which is quite possibly why we became the friends we did.


“Mr. Pogg, your name….” the desk clerk wasn’t friendly, to say the least. But who could blame her, seeing hundreds if not thousands of rambunctious wizards waiting to get into Yinna, only the greatest wizard convention in all the realms.

“Write your damn name,” she begged, her line rapidly becoming the longest one.

“It’s just that—”

“NEXT!” her patients was gone. Poor chap.

“It’s really not that hard lad, what is it?” Yerowslii asked the man in front.

He turned, his eyes begging for assistance as he said, “Odis. Odis Pogg.”

“So write Odis Pogg.”

“I can’t.”

“Well why not?”

“I just can’t,” he pleaded, trying not to attract any more attention.

And so his problems were unraveling. The chap must have never learned to write—or read for that matter.

“I said next!” the clerk barked.

With the snap of his fingers, Yerowslii shut the old hag up and snagged the pen from poor Odis.

‘O.D.I.S…. P.O.G.G…M.R..’ he wrote out. The squiggly arrow would explain where the M.R. was supposed to go.

“Good enough,” Yerowslii muttered, shifting his body from side to side to block the clerk from attracting attention—she didn’t like her lips being shut very much and using magic on a staff member would get you banned from Yinna.

“And now for mine.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” the ecstatic Oddis cheered.

“Twas no trouble.” Yerowslii smiled, staring at Odis as he waited for him to move along. The dumb bugger stood there staring with a stupid thankful grin.

Get going you bafooned.

Yerowslii smiled again. “Um. You’re welcome.”

Odis Pogg smiled back, even broader.

“You can go through the gate now…”

The temper of the crowed behind them built.

“Oh right!” Odis replied. “Well aren’t you going to write your name?”

“I will.” Yerowslii nodded. He couldn’t write his name down with this overly enthusiastic armature wizard staring at him. It would blow his cover of sneaking into Yinna.

“I’ll wait for you then.”

“I can assure you there are no other writing portions of Yinna.”

“But it would be rude to leave you behind.”
“No it most certainly wouldn’t—”

“Just write your name!” a man from behind shouted.

Great, now Yerowslii looked like the illiterate one. In the midst of his frustration, the young keeper forgot about blocking the clerk, so the firm grasp of a security guard grabbing his cloak and neck was no surprise. The words that came from her mouth when someone unlocked her frozen lips were, though.

“Both of them! They’re working together!” she howled after, embarrassed Yerowslii would say.

“We got em ma’am. You can return to your desk.”

“They need to be taken to the authorities!”

Causing a scene was an understatement. Not only we’re fellow wizards booing them now—they’d have to start at the back of the line! Yerowslii swallowed his dignity though as he allowed himself to be marched through the crowd.

Just wanted to have a little fun. But no. I happen to stand in line behind the biggest idiot ever.

            At least he’d get to see some of the behind the scenes of Yinna, the wardens office was said to be pretty sweet. Had to focus on the positives, because the rest of this situation royally sucked.

Four wizards unlocked the gateway to the service area—a section of the metal wall sliding down into the ground below.

Not as welcoming as I hoped.

            The brick room, chilly at best, was by far the most opposite definition of pretty sweet.

            “Don’t try anything. You’re no longer guests here so we won’t hesitate to treat you as such,” the lead officer, a bulky wizard who probably had more muscle than magic said, opening another door to much smaller interrogation room.

“Oh no, I would never,” Yerowslii couldn’t help but say.

“Better watch yourself.” The security guard latched magic handcuffs around Yerowslii right arm, then left, then both feet.

“Will do, dear. Will do.”

The officer grunted as he pulled a lever along the back panel. The chains tightened and almost ripped Yerowslii’s limbs. Of course, deplumation was an exaggeration, but he was most uncomfortable that was for sure.

“A member of the Yinna Court will be in in a moment.”

“I’ll be right here,” Yerowslii said with a smirk. “Don’t you worry.”

The officer left without a goodbye.

“Pleasant fella, don’t you think?”

His voice made Yerowslii steam with frustration. Of course. Of course he was chained up in a miserable little room with the idiot who caused all this. And it was cold!

“Indeed,” Yerowslii replied to Odis, who happened to be chained to the wall behind him, the holes in the concrete unfortunately allowing them to speak.

“You couldn’t just write your name,” Odis said.

He said what?!?! ME!?!? THE DINGO—

            “I don’t understand why you just stood there.”

“Oh you don’t do you?”

“No, I mean, I was ready to stride through the gates and savor every step of Yinna.”

Yerowslii rotated his wrists. The magic locks around them would be tough to break, even for him. But if this mongrel kept talking he’d certainly have enough pent up energy to burn.

“So what is you’re name, anyway?”

“It’s absolutely none of your business.

“What are you a wanted criminal? A wizard from Daramar?”

I’m about to be a wanted criminal after I accidently blow you up.

Fortunately for Odis, the court member entered the room just in time. If the clip board in his hand and wasn’t enough, certainly the yellow lasso around his cloak would convey his authority. That or the shiny gold name tag which read: ‘AL’.

“Assaulting a member of our staff…we don’t take that very lightly Mr. Pogg and Mr….”

“—He won’t say!” First time Odis’s chiming in was actually okay.

“Well you’re going to have to give us your name, otherwise we’ll let you rot away in here.”

“That’s against the councils’ ethics,” Yerowslii rebutted.

“So you read our policy?”

“I like to stay up to speed with the places I’m visiting.”

“A frequent traveler, are you?”

“The waterways can take you a great many places,” Yerowslii grinned.

“And where do you come from?”

He wasn’t about to give out any more information. Al had already asked enough.

“I would like to be released. I did nothing wrong,” Yerowslii stated, not breaking his stare.

“You broke our magic barrier and assaulted a staff member, what’s right about that?”

“She was being remarkably annoying, you should really vet these people before their hired.”

“Accusing our operations will get you nowhere.” He tapped his wand against the clip board. Of course he had a wand, the most cliché piece of wizard equipment. Granted, a staff wasn’t much better.

“And how about you, Mr. Pogg, where did you come from?”




            Gonic was under an embargo by the other realms for trying to take over Palliate. Al was about to blow on the mouthpiece to a horn attached to the wall, which ran all the way up and out through the ceiling, when Odis said, “I wouldn’t. Because as soon as you do that my friend and I will also announce to every soul we encounter that you’re Alexor Micfora, traiter to the High Wizards of Tairibii, and you’ve been hiding out here on Horexia for refugee.”

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