Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d dress up as for Halloween

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for Halloween as I am this year. Growing up, I always struggled with picking a costume. I wanted it to be cool and unique and I always put way to much thought in it and panicked

8cmsuLZand my mom would have to come in and save the day (or tell me to stop being ridiculous and just put something on.)

But this year.

This year is different.

I’ve got the perfect costume (sort of. Still have to get some parts like the costume itself.)

But that’s aside the point, all this costume thinking and planning made me think, what a great idea for a Top Ten Tuesday topic (originally hosted by Broke and the Bookish)!  Top Ten Halloween Costumes (if you could pick Anything)!!! Now, not all these are entirely plausible…but that’s the point!

And, like I said. What (who) I’m actually going as this year is not in the list! But if you can guess it, you’ll win a prize (see below!)

10.  UBABA


Now, I know, it’s far out and I’m not even the right gender, but I think we can all agree Yubaba is fricken awesome and to be her for a night would be pretty sweet.

9. Jake the Dog OR Finn the Human

adventure-time-screensaver_1I used to be a huge fan of Adventure Time, haven’t watched the show in forever but how cool would it be to be one of them?!?!

8. Ash Ketchum

AshanimeI love Pokémon. So much. So freaking much. Like Pokemon Go–I can’t wait for that! And when I say Ash Ketchum, I truly mean a Pokemon Trainer. This technically would be my number one, but I would want this for life, not just for one day.

7. Howl

Howl-5Following in the same Hayao Miyazaki vain, I think it’d be fun to be Howl for a night. Transforming into a bird at will, how cool would that be. (Which, odd connection now that I think about it. Yubaba can turn into a bird, and Howl can turn into a bird, and they both have magic….so does that mean Yubaba and Howl are…related??????       !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

6. Dorian Havilliard

I would have liked for this to be all book characters, but I felt like too many of them would have come from the Throne of Glass series. Sarah J. Maas, you’re incredible. Being Dorian for a day would be a crazy experience, especially with magic…

5. Mace Windu


Jedi Master. All that needs to be said. Him or Yoda or Obi-Won would be great. For life. And oh yeah Starwars Seven.

4. Hiccup, with Toothless of course…


Dragon Rider and best friend of the best dragon ever. I’ll take that. Seriously, if you haven’t seen How to Train Your Dragon, do yourself a favor and canceal your plans for the evening because you need to experience greatness.

3. Yerowslii


Call it what you will, maybe a little bit of shameless Water Travelers promotion, but I would love to be Yerowslii for a while. Just playing with magic, drinking tea, making dumb jokes, and being carefree for a night, while possessing an incredible amount of knowledge and power–I think it would be great! (note this picture is from Yerowslii’s official twitter @KoU_Yerowslii. Yes. Yes. That is Christoph Waltz with a longer beard. You can follow each characters twitter if you’d like Aaron: @Aaron_Archien, Madi: @Madalyne_Harper, Ugine: @Ugine_Captain, and The Upitar Herald for Upitar related stuff @UpitarHerald. They’re tweets are mostly about their day-to-day activities and such!)

2. Legolas 


he’s just a badass.

And my hair is pretty long now so…….


It’s the all in one package!!!!! I would get a sword, magic and, AND, A FLYING PIRATE SHIP IN SPACE!

It would be, the greatest thing ever for a night.

the-martian-surprise-teaser tumblr_inline_nwfcp0WhIr1rs3vpi_500

Those would be my top ten! BUT. The only one that’s missing is WHO I’m ACTUALLY going as!

If you can guess it, I’ll send you a signed letter from me that says how freaking awesome you are!


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