I’ve been working on some side stories, some short stories and just some random writing stuff on top of The Water Travelers series and was challenged to share some of that. I can’t say where these stories will go, which ones will continue and which ones will be discarded, but feel free to say what you think!

This first one is planned to be a full length novel but is definitely definitely in it’s early stages! You may also notice it’s not in my typical writing style. (Yay for trying new things)

ALSO, I apologize about the wordpress formatting (damn you wordpress.) You can read an easier version HERE.



“Its been six months. Six long, terrible terrible months. And nothings happened. No ones done anything. Nothings moving and—no one seems much different. When your body melts away as the world continues spinning aimlessly throughout the cosmos, you need to change something.”
That’s what he said to me. Two days after I got back from Gorisee, that’s what Arther said to me.

Everyone one of us has been challenged in some way to do something different and make something of themselves. It kind of sucks, though. It’s more of burden rather than a calling. I guess maybe that’s how we see it sometimes—always looking at circumstances from the end of the wand instead of from where it rests peacefully in the center of our palm. Here we are, casting spells and making things blow up or morph or change and yet, most of us, feel like we don’t even have the power to get ready in the morning let alone fight the darkness that’s in the world.
Magic came easy for a lot of us. ‘Naturally gifted’ people would say with wide eyes as we were showered with attention at a young age. Our parents would boast about with adoration with words such as, ‘my girl’s so talented. I’ve just never seen anyone like her,’ and, of course, we would all roll the eyes inside our hearts and shrug.
Yet we loved the comments. We thrived off of praise and wanting to be special.
And we were. We all were. Until we came here.
To the lovely home of the most fantastic place in the entire world, only for those who are ‘specially gifted’, Ribbawhin: College For Those with Remarkable Abilities.
First day in my primary professor started class by saying none of us should actually be here. We’re all a bunch of worthless, pretentious, money pinching prince and princesses who think we’re special because we can snap our fingers and make things change colors.
I’m glad I decided to move one seat to the left because after that statement the professor, Sir Alinof Vonkswitz, shot a straight line of electricity—something incredibly hard to do—right at the chest of the boy who took my original seat. It didn’t kill him but I don’t think the chap heard what was said after that, “Pay attention to the energy in a room! You can always feel it building—fluctuating—settling!”
The boy fell on the floor quivering, electricity still sparking around him. “Aww. Did somebody get hurt. Did mummy never put her fingers against your sweet wittle baby skin.” He fired another jolt and mumbled, ‘Worthless magic sack.’
The rest of that lecture was pretty nerve-racking.

So yeah. That was day one. Day’s two and three and four didn’t go much better, and our weekend partying was interrupted by a gang of professors blowing the barn behind our dorms apart. They said it was part of the teaching lesson—being prepared and sensing the area—but none of us believed that.
The Headmaster frowned at it but none of us know the words that were exchanged between faculty and superiors.

Anyways, here we are. Six monthsish in. Hating our lives but more so hating ourselves. But, for all the smack I give it, I do love this place. Sort of. It’s a weird love. Our professors aren’t all that bad. I mean Dr. Omibgo was pretty unorthodox in his potion teaching class, frequently giving us the wrong combination of ingredients so it would blow up and so we’d know never ever us that. But that only prepared us for advanced potion making, where one error would really blow up, killing most of us near it. And now he often takes us out for nature walks where he picks plants with us and does funny things like licking tree bark and talking to insects. He’s turned out to be a swell old man.
And others, like our physicality professor, Mr. Wugwits—he’s brutally hard on our workouts but I’ve never been able to deflect a double firestorm before his lessons (let alone had a skilled magician used one on me.)
And professors like Annamarri. She smacked a kid so hard one week that his neck actually broke. She responded faster than anyone I’ve ever seen in using a Perma Healing spell to keep him alive in the split second he had before dying. But, instead of just wasting a moment, then, right there, she actually showed us how to unbreak a bone using a Perma Restore spell.
I’m skeptical that it may have been part of the lesson but he’s been afraid around her since and has never called anyone a Magwhater since.
And there are others but … (CLICK TO KEEP READING ON SITE)


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