A New Day

This is gonna be more relevant to my friends who are followers of Christ, but still applicable to those who are not.

I was ruminating over the idea of a single day.

I feel like as people, we often forget the impact and power of one day. Because a day is combined with two-four others (usually) which is then bundled as a week, which then is quickly accumulate into a month and before we know it another year has gone by. Yes, time flies, that’s inevitable. But just letting time fly by isn’t.

The mentality of just having to make it through another year to get where we want to be seems to be the mentality that consumes our culture. People dread the idea of tomorrow morning because it means they have to go through another day. What if the mentality of ‘I just have to make it through another year to get where we want to be’ doesn’t have to be a mentality? What if the negative mentality of another day, didn’t have to be a negative mentality?

I wonder, do you think God just sits up there and is like,”If we can just make it through December, we’ll be okay. Fingers crossed.” Or is he like, “Oh, geese, look at that–another day is coming up. Good to see the sun is still on que.” Like, does God lose track of the days like we do? Is he like “October? That happened already? Crap, didn’t even pick out a costume, again.”

Although the answers to those question are usually simple–are they? If we know the answers why do we act as though God doesn’t care about today?

I don’t see anywhere in the bible God forgetting to plan. I don’t see a day sneaking up on our God like we let weeks sneak past our lives. And I don’t see God letting days just slip from his grasp.

I don’t think to God a day, is just another day.

And, although that may sound like a disciplinary statement, or a ‘come on we need to do better’ conviction–like we’re terrible Christians who don’t love Jesus enough or something–It’s not at all.

I see this as a joy. God makes everyday–he has a plan for Every Day.

Whether we have one or not, he does. We just need to open our eyes to the reality of that, and by simple doing so–we get the joy of being apart of today–of every day.

A day doesn’t go to waist for God. Even a day of resting and relaxing, isn’t a waisted day for God. He is moving and active in everyday, that’s whether we’re taking the day off or working diligently, we are apart of that day. That mission. That plan. That story of love.

It’s pretty exciting. That’s a good day. It’s a day the Lord has made;
a day we get to rejoice and be glad in. 

It’s a new day. God has plan. Everyday. 

Today is the day the Lord has made, who knows what he has in store.

God made today. God made tomorrow. And God did it with a plan. He’s on top of his universe like that.


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