Top Ten Tuesday: Books on your fall TBR list


Top Ten Tuesday is a something hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, go and check them out! Today’s prompt is the top ten books on your fall reading list. And, to be honest, this list will be a little tough for me to actually complete. I can list books, but I’m a slow reader with very little free time so it takes me quite a while to complete a book! But I have no problem giving a crack at it!

10. Lost and Found

Oh my gosh this just looks adorable.


9. The Library at Mount Char

I’m not a big scary story type of guy, but this one just sounds intriguing. And, dat cover tho…

(also, wanna see something kinda weird/creepy for a scary book? Google image search the library at mount char. 

….they’re all the same….ba-da-ba-da.)


8. The Savage Damsle and the Dwarf

I’m a HUGE Gerald Morris fan, and this one’s next up in the series!


7. The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath 

Do you see the title of that book? Need I say more?


6. Gracelings

It’s been out for a while, and with the series gaining more and more momentum with still at least one book to come out, I’d like to try and be apart of the craze before I miss it. Plus it sounds really good!


5. The Gracekeeper

Apparently the hard back cover is gorgeous and really creative and has these cool little waves all over it and that just sounds so alluring. As you can see, I really like covers.


4. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street 

I’m not one for historical fiction, but based on the bio I get sence of a story that my feel slightly Hayao Miyazaki-ish. And if you know me, I’m a sucker for some Hayao Miyazaki.


3. The Night Circus

This book just sounds like it’s filled with an amazing incredible awesome magical story and I want to read it so badly.


2. The Peculiar

This is a book that I actually started but put on hold because of Throne of Glass. But it was getting pretty good and I’d like to pick it back up and to finish the journey I started. What got me hooked was that cover. Whoever said you can’t judge a book by it’s cover obviously never really saw amazing covers that just drew you in.


1. Crown of Midnight

I’m actually halfway through this book right now, and I’m determined to finish it! I really want to see what happens with Dorian…


What are yours??? What have you read and what did you like?


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books on your fall TBR list

  1. Quiet a few books I never heard about. Just added The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath to my Goodreads list – also that title is freaking amazing! Thank you.

    The Night Circus is one of my favourite books, I absolutely adore it. Hope that you will enjoy it as well!

  2. I read The Library at Mount Char when it was released and it definitely is an interesting read. Throughout it I wasn’t quite sure what to think but I think I ended up rating it 4/5. There are quite a few triggers in it, but I found them all to make sense. Hope you enjoy all your books.

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