Pokemon Go

Okay, this came out a few days ago and I just didn’t have time to post on it then, but my excitement for it hasn’t tottered one ounce! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS.



I’ve wanted this for the past ten years. Not even kidding! LIKE NOT EVEN KIDDING I’M BEYOND EXCITED FOR THIS! I kid you not, I’ll probably drop out of life for a while become a pokemon trainer travel the world and catch them all and then be the very best start my own gym and take on the next generation.giphy

Guys this is gonna be so awesome! Imagine all the people you’ll encounter, all the stories you’ll make and places you’ll go and, AND, ALL THE POKEMON YOU’LL COME ACROSS.

I love traveling, but traveling just got like 10 billion times better! I’m going to exploded.

Here’s some other ideas I’ve shared on it that the tumblr community is seeming to enjoy, what do you think?




Pokemon go starter theories (hopes)


I really actually hope that we don’t get to pick one of the classic starters and that they’ll actually be hard to catch out in the wild. Because pokemon like charizard and blastiose are awesome and when everyone everywhere has them it kind of ruins their specialness. My hopes are that we’re given a bunch of pokeballs and can just go wing it out there and encounter our first pokemon. OR, there’s a big pool of potential first stage starters that we can choose from so that way there’s some uniqueness to things like hey look at my nidoran or my oddish or my kick ass zubat. (lol kickass zubat keep dreamin big that crobat will be well worth the misery.)





what pokemon go needs
– hire people to be gym leaders (and let there be a fee to challenge a gym so gym leaders make money and there’s an actual seriousness to it.)



what pokemon go needs
– I think the 100 lvl cap needs to be extended to like, 10,000. No joke. Like screw the idea of your pokemon ‘maxing out’ and not being able to get stronger. They should always be able to get stronger. BUT, in all honesty, I hate the level system in general. I like the idea of strategy and power combined, not just power. Like a level 20 should be able to take on a level 35 and not just get blown out of the water because of the level.

– In regards to training, I hope it’s advanced and your pokemon adapt to how you battle. Like they know your commands and when to dodge and whne to strike and how to strike.

—-Things like dodging, attack strength, endurance, and patterns should be incorporated into attacks.

—-And can we please please please finally have more than FOUR attacks?!?!

And wild battles should have a greater significance. Because you won’t be running into a wild pokemon every two seconds, wild battles can finally, actually, mean something. So the reward you gain from defeating a pokemonshould Mean something as well. Because running around battling pidgeys all day to get stronger sounds like I won’t have a Blastoise for a good ten years.




2 thoughts on “Pokemon Go

  1. I must admit that I am a little excited about this. Looking forward to wandering into people’s back gardens with my phone aloft. Neighbours enquring what the hell I’m doing. “Becoming the best there ever was!”

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