OIQ – Through The Gorge

Continuing with my adventures in Europe pictures, I bring to you this weeks OIQ (Overactive Imagination Question)!

The rules are simple, just tell us what you see in the the picture based on the questions below. Be as creative as you like!

Through the Gorge


  • What’s at the end of this gorge?
  • Where is this gorge?
  • BONUS Q: What caused this gorge, why is it here?

As always, here is one of my answers!

At the other end of this gorge is a land unseen by many because it’s misunderstood by many. It’s not where the grass is always greener, it’s not where the water taste like magic, and it’s certainly not where humans and dinosaurs walk peacefully. But what is special about this land, is that it’s where you can just Be. It sounds simple, I know–even ridiculous maybe. But in this land you have have the ability to be and not worry about becoming. It’s where you can rest in whatever you’re doing, and go do whatever you’re dreams are. Wanna be adventurous and take on brave quests? You can do it. Wanna sit back and nap on a moss covered rock? Go for it. There’s no rush, no anxiousness, no hurry. So few find it because so few know it exists.



Oh and dragons, mythical portals, witches and magic potions also exist at the end of the gorge. It’s pretty cool.


  • Bonus Question: The gorge was created long ago when two powerful wizards had an epic duel to decide the fate of this other realm. They two wizards were so powerful that in a final attempt to defeat the other, they unleashed an unheard of amount of magic upon the other. The blasts collided, creating this sacred gorge that’s said the stones of the gorge are filled with elements of ancient magic. Theologist say that because of such magic, one is able to reach the forgotten realm.




Share what comes to your mind in the comments! Feel free to reblog to gather more Overactive Imagination people!



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