I’m not a huge sports guy, let alone a football guy. I usaully HATE football. Wait wait wait hold up–just so we’re clear, I’m talking about North American Football. You know, this kind Arian_Foster_fumble

Bunch a dudes just tackling each other. Don’t get wrong, I actually really enjoy rest-of-the-world football–actual football. That’s quite entertaining.

But when it comes to American Football, I have these…seasons for it. I’ll be into it, and then I’ll hate it. The only time I really really get into it though is when I envision it as two armies having sword fights passing a special element to the other side and they must protect their commrads in and fight as a team with archers and swordsman and stuff.

**High five for overactive imagination**



This year, I’m actually looking forward to it for another reason.




And that gif sums it up! I’m a huge fan of the show The League on Fox, and because of that show, my friends and I have decided to start a fantasy football league. Our goal is to be as dumb/funny with it a possible.

With all that being said, today is the first match up. Whatever that means…



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