Month In Review

I know I’m a few days late to the party, but I wanted to share my month in review for the month of August. I was inspired by the blog Josiesbookcorner, you should go check her out! I apologize for the errors you may find in this, I have to go and don’t have time to do a proof read!!!

August 2015 

This past month has been one heck of a crazy ride with major changes happening in my life. Looking back on it, I’m amazed and excited for what’s next! God’s done some cool things. I broke this into some categorizes in an attempt to organize my communication of events a little better for you starting with this guy here:



(this meme really has nothing to do with anything which makes it have everything to do with everything. I just like it.)

Around the beginning of the month, My dad and step mom OFFICIALLY moved to Wisconsin. It’s a little weird, for me, and for them. My dad has always been there for me, every step of my life. And it’s not that he’s not now, but he’s around six hours away now–we can’t just hang out or go get lunch or do something dumb or sit around on the couch and talk. When I was Facetiming him the other day I was like wow, look at you. You look so similar yet so different. It’s a weird experience for us both, but we’re doing alright.

On that note, I’m now living with my neighbors!!! They’re like family to me and I love them to death. I couldn’t ask for a better family to live with (9 of us in one house including me!) They’re so much fun and I love how much energy there always is. I’m a high energy person so being around other fun high energy people is perfect for me. I hope and pray it only continues to get better as we enter the back-to-school season.

And taking that segway…



As some of you know, I was at film school for the past year. I learned a heck of a whole lot and made some great friends and connections. But, I’ve decided, after getting my associates degree, to take a year off. The main reason being my desire to actually really truly pursue writing. I wanted to give The Water Travelers series everything I’ve got, and I couldn’t do that while going to school, making films, trying to have a social life and living two hours away from my home network.


I’m turning the engines on full power for The Water Travelers series. Pulling out all the stops and giving it as much attention and funding as I can. I’m trying to do as many events as I can and get it as much exposure and publicity as I can. Later on next week I’m planning to sign with a marketing company (Eeeeee) to get it even more exposure! I know it’s uncommon, but I’m avant-garde type of person. If I’m gonna break into the market and get recognized, I have to try something new and different and I’m completely up for that!



Now that I’m back home, I was offered an internship at one of the greatest places on earth!! My home church, 242 Community Church. It was ranked the third fastest growing church in America and I’m loving working with the staff. The environment is fun, smart and creative. Imagine working in The Office (you know the TV show) but the work you’re doing is about changing lives. It’s pretty radical. I’m in the arts department helping out with film stuff (eh thanks da-gree. Shout out to you) and the event planning team. (I have some strange liking for event planning–you know things like zombie nerf gun parties, starwars nights, dance parties and so on–who doesn’t love that stuff!?!?!) You can follow the churches online video podcast HERE if you want to–you’ll hear about some of the cool stuff I’m apart of!

So other than that, I’m also a restaurant manager now–I know that should have been a bigger deal, as it is a massive deal in my life right now, but in the grand scheme of things, my passion is in stories and changing lives, so I thought those things deserved to be more prominently addressed. August has been a crazy month, and I can’t wait for what’s to come. With the fall season upon us, I’m optimistic for the best and prepared to take risks. Here’s to adventure and here’s to changing lives.

 – Daniel Waltz


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