Going Away

No, I’m not personally going away, but a lot of my close friends are. The Back-to-School season is here and I’ve already said goodbye to one of my brothers. It’s an odd period, goodbye’s are hard but I think what’s even harder is knowing that it won’t be like this forever–this as in always hanging out, being minutes away, having the time to spend with friends whenever and wherever. Now, I say that with a touch of irony because even though I’ve gotten older that’s something I still do all the time, I just get sad about the days when that may come to an end. I hate not seeing friends, it drives me insane and is the biggest thing that crushes my spirit. So, in the midst of this Back-to-School season, I just wanted to reflect upon that emotion and continue to hope and pray that I’ll remain as close and consistent with my best friends.


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