Your Favorite Sword Fighter?

I’d like to host a question of the day asking who is your all time favorite sword fighter in a book series? (Sorry, Link, books only.)


For me, I’d have to say, Aragorn, from the good ol Lord of the Rings.

Aragorn is just an all around, good guy bad ass leader who knows how to fight and when to fight. When he shows up you know things are going to work out and you know he’s going to put others before himself. I love how he’s fearless and is willing to put his life on the line for others, and when he does, his fighting skills pull through for him. I also love the fact that he kind of starts out as an outlaw and then becomes a king. He uses a great deal of wisdom as he progresses and when those who aren’t willing to reason strike, he strikes back showing them their mistake. He’s awesome. Therefore, such is why Aragorn is my favorite sword fighter (swordsman).



Sir Gawain from The Squires Tale Series!!!! OH MY GOSH. YES. I forgot about him because I haven’t started the next book in the series yet. But he would definitely tie, if not surpass Aragorn. Gawain, along with humor and impressive sword fighting, uses a great deal of humor as well. I absolutely love hearing the mumbles of the character and the internal thoughts. Plus, his fighting skills rise with the sun, which is pretty freaking cool.


Your turn!


And, if you’re looking for some ideas, I’ve thrown a few below!

  • Celeana Sardothian – Throne of Glass
  • Chaol Westfall – Throne of Glass
  • Aaron Archien – The Water Travelers ( 😉 )
  • Ugine – The Water Travelers
  • Gimli – The Lord of The Rings
  • Eragon- The Eragon Series
  • King Author
  • Lancelot
  • Anyone else?

10 thoughts on “Your Favorite Sword Fighter?

  1. Aragorn and Eragon are both some of my favourite sword fighters! However we can’t forget the amazing lady Elf, Arya from the Inheritance Cycle / Eragon series. She’s amazing at sword fighting. Even better than Eragon!

    1. I need to pick that series back up! I read the first book and half the second, but after the horrendous movie I lost a lot of interest and a friend of mine said that writing might have gotten worse because the author got so much slam from the movie reviews

      1. I thought the movie came out after all the books were complete! I loved the series right up until the end to the point where when the book ended I cried happy and sad tears!

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