OIQ – Overactive Imagination Question – 6 – Into the Fog

This is one of my all time favorite pictures from my Europe trip. I was literally surrounded by fog and, as you can see, you could barely see twenty feet in front of you. IT WAS AWESOME! And so, thus, we have our Overactive Imagination Question for this week.

Into The Fog

The rules are simple, look at the picture and tell the story your imagination sees using the questions as jumping off points!


  • What lies beyond the fog? 
  • Where does the fog lead, as in to another world, the same world, a special place?

As always, here’s one of my answers!

Beyond the fog is a not only a place, but a person. It’s unknown what world this place is on, but it definitely feels untouched or unseen by that of human blood. When you cross through–when you feel the clouds kissing your skin–the grass soaking your feet below you–you stop to realize that there is so much more than fog and mountains. There’s magic. There’s something in the air that wasn’t there before. As the fog opens into a small clearing–still surrounded by a ring of fog–you see a garden with no flowers, but a few small bushes, and one slim but expressive tree perching over an ancient metallic birdbath. But those are all later things that catch your eye, the first is the person standing right in front of you. Alarmed at first, you realize they’re not there to harm or hurt you, but to alter your path. They reveal to you things you never knew before–a history of your family, a secret in your veins. And they warn you of a great darkness to come–to be on your guard because as you have felt this magic, you will feel other forces of magic as well.

As everything fades away and you return to a fogless plain on a mountainside, you’re left in a great bewilderment but with a great curiosity–thus taking another step on your journey.

Would love to hear your thoughts and stories!!


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