Where would you run away?

If you were to run away, where would you go? What would you do? How long would you stay gone for?

If I were to disappear for a while, here’s a nut shell of one of my ideas:

I’d probably travel everywhere and make friends with surfers in Hawaii and then get on a boat and travel to Australia where I would work as a wild life tour guide for a while before meeting someone on one of my tours and traveling with them for business purposes to Asia where I would soon depart and head separate ways to help an elderly lady in the mountain side with her rice farm and once she dies I would hike over the mountain region and down into turkey or something–where I would meet up with someone I met while traveling and from there I would hope to venture into Europe more, hitting Denmark and England until I one day see my name on the television for something terrible and malicious, spit my coffee out while wearing a dark blue bathrobe and yell to the people I’m residing with that I must leave at once to clear my name. Then I’d return.

(Note, that was two sentences. Rules don’t always apply in rambles so go crazy.)


2 thoughts on “Where would you run away?

  1. “Rules don’t apply to rambles”.. I love it! 😂
    Oh gosh, the things I would do if I could just disappear, if I had the chance to run away. *Commence daydreaming*. I would go straight to Europe and take up my adventures there and then see where life takes me!

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