Overactive Imagination Question – Dark Clouds

The rules are simple! Use your imagination to join in the conversation regarding the questions below!

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  • When you see these clouds, or any dark clouds that is, what do you think of?
  • Do you ever imagine them when it’s bright and sunny out?

As always, I will give ONE of my answers 🙂

I love storm clouds. I love how they can change an entire atmosphere (both literally an metaphorically) so quickly. When I see them, I often think of two things. Darkness (bad stuff) and a battle.

As the wind picks up in this town square, two forces have come together to duel it out. One, that of the good, drawn out from the shadows by the apparent chaos filling the cracks of the street. The wind that tosses their hair in front and out of their faces is a symbol of both their powers coming together to square off. A lovely setting for a battle, in both their eyes. The one bringing the dark clouds takes great triumph in the overcasting shadows he creates, and the one seeking to stop them breathes in the hidden calmness within the fierce storm. You see, the clouds are not good or evil, but a result of the powerful forces converging.

For part two, I often like to imagine dark clouds coming over a horizon, or rapidly sprawling out across a skyline. They often symbolize some kind of dark force–some kind of antagonist rising and making their march. Most commonly, it’s Herrathos, from The Water Travelers Series.

Thanks for reading and feel welcome to join in!

– Dan


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