Weekend Blog Question

I’ve been wondering this for a while, and I’m sure most others do too. We all love to blog and we love the community it creates through interactions. So when is the best time for that? When is the best time to blog?

  • Do you blog on the weekends? Do you read blogs on the weekends?
  • When do you blog?
  • Favorite time? Day?
  • What are you most inclined to read?
  • And, are you guilty of liking a blog post without reading it. (I’ve done it a few times. A FEW.)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I can’t wait to chat on this soon!


9 thoughts on “Weekend Blog Question

  1. I always try to blog on Wednesdays and I used to always have a Saturday post but I will probably discontinue it. I don’t normally like a post without reading it but if it’s short enough to read the entire piece in the reader I might not go to the site, instead liking it there. I write best in the morning and evening. I’m easily distracted in the afternoon. I like to read about writing, actual writing and reviews most but anything that draws my eye. Anything with bullet points, like your post grabs my attention. I love me some bullet points lol. I am least likely to click a post that is only a video or one that starts out super angry. If I have followed someone for a while I read any personal updates from them, no matter the subject.

  2. I usually blog during the weekdays in the mornings. I’ll make my blog posts a day in advance and post them in the mornings. Sometimes I will throw in weekend posts as well, but I’m usually a week day poster. I always read blog posts throughout the week and weekends though. I like to stay caught up and not fall behind on reading posts. There are some times that I’ll like a post without reading it, but it’s usually for book reviews of books I want to read and haven’t yet; just in case I read something that will spoil the book for me. Most of the time though, I read all of the posts. Something I don’t really like seeing is when blogger’s don’t put some kind of images in their posts; like book covers when they are talking about those. I like to see pictures of the book covers. So if I don’t see anything like that, then I’ll usually skip over them.

  3. I blog wayyyy too often tbh, gonna cut back to about twice a week. Favourite time is about 8pm. Sometimes 3am depends on my mood. I’ve followed, I’m a writer myself, and if you have the time I’d love for you to check out my small blog. Atm its mainly short stories and a bit of poetry, but I’m working on a novel (Prologue is on my blog). Feel free to check it out on http://www.kasimskorner.com , keep blogging and have a good day 🙂

  4. For me, I blog everyday! It might be a little excessive, but I don’t know… I find such a relief in dedicating an hour or so every day to creating and posting a blog post. 😄

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