Books I Got #2

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Blackbird Talks Books

Books I Got is the place I’ll tell you all about the books and graphic novels that I bought over the span of …I don’t know… Basically, whenever I feel like I want to show off the books I got. This can be once a month, once every few months, or maybe even within 2 weeks of posting a haul. First off, I am kind of on a book-buying-ban. I’m not super strict on my book buying, but where I can I won’t be buying books. It’s hard but I have over 70, I think, physical unread books on my shelves so I’m trying to first reduce my TBR before I’ll be buying more books. I only buy the books I really, REALLY want.

IMG_0440So this month I accumulated more books then I thought possible for my doing. I still don’t exactly know how it all happened but I got…

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