The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown

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Published Date: July 14, 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Author: Daniel Waltz
Pages: 536
Genres: Fantasy

You can read the summary of The Water Travelershere.

Daniel is a fellow blogger and budding author. His debut novel, The Water Travelers is a story rich in adventure and fantasy. And I think Daniel has the potential to grow into a successful author. Did I love this book? No. And that’s okay.

Having read too many YA novels has ruined my brain box. I can sniff out plot twists, love triangles, and endings just by how characters are introduced. This novel is no exception. I knew from the moment I learned of the main character’s dilemma that there was going to be a love interest. I didn’t realize that it was going to be so insta-lovey. We can all say ew to insta-love because it’s not very believable. But it’s whatever… it’s his…

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