Overactive Imagination Question – 4 – Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk

The rules are simple! Use your imagination to join in the conversation regarding the questions below!


IMG_4684 (1) IMG_3351 IMG_3448 IMG_4670_2 IMG_3429

Oh yeah and here’s a picture of me looking off into the distance while sitting on the wall. 🙂 IMG_3425

Welcome to the wonderful Salzburg Fortress, a castle up in the hills of Salzburg, Austria. This was the first real castle I’ve ever been in, and IT. WAS. AWESOME! The whole time I was in it, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about this: What was it like to walk these halls daily? Therefore, we have this weeks OIQ.

OIQ: Who walked these halls? What was their conversation like? What were their relationships or nightly chats with friends like? What was it like to live in this castle when it was built?  (DO NOT SAY THE ACTUAL THING. LIKE, DON’T GOOGLE SALZBURG FORTRESS FOR AN EXACT ANSWER.)

As always, here’s ONE of my answers:

I like to think from both the perspective of one of the well respected knights and of the king. As they walk the halls at night, comforted by the torchlight within their cobblestone palace, they’re able to set aside the monotonous–sometimes fun–duties of protecting the castle and discuss things they only trust each other with. This is because although one is the king and the other a servant of the king, they’re both friends, and their friendship is what will never be overtaken or destroyed. They’re able to talk about relationships, who they like and what they’re afraid of. What they want out of a marriage. There able to admit to each other, well, at least the king is, that he’d like to get out of the palace a little more and be a normal citizen doing as they please. And the knight, not being adorned with attention by people in the courtyard, is able to tell the king about his real adventures outside the walls–not the ones he made up to satisfy the curiosity of the people. He’s able to talk about the magic, the worlds he went to, the lessons he learned and the people he met. But those secrets are all now but lost within the cobblestone walls of the castle, not to be revealed but only to those willing to listen.

Hope you found this fun! Now, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS 😀


3 thoughts on “Overactive Imagination Question – 4 – Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk

  1. These pictures are so beautiful, and that spot where you were sitting… I can’t imagine how beautiful the view must have been! Plus, I love your OIG answer! Honestly, I’m too awestruck to really think of what could be here. But that picture with the open courtyard definitely gives me a idea, so here’s my thought for that picture: I see a festival, of royals and commoners all together and having a merry time. It’s a joyous celebration filled with colour and happiness and everyone is dancing and dressed in beautiful clothes. There’s magic all around, in the air, in the torches that light up the courtyard. I see a romance blossoming, maybe between a royal prince and a commoner girl, or the other way around, who meet and instantly they connect and it’s a magical moment.

    Yep, that’s all I’ve got! 🙂

    1. And that is a lovely answer 🙂

      Huge fan of grand festivals and dancing in an open courtyard like that at night, with a bunch of people all dressed in royal attire, that’d be a night to remember. And who doesn’t enjoy a good romance?

      Great response!! Loved reading it!!! 😀

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