I’ll be honest with ya…

Let’s have a real moment. I’ll be honest with ya here, The more time I spend blogging/promoting, the harder it is to write. 

They’re just two different mind sets, and I’m trying to learn how to balance them, but promotion and advertisement and blogging requires so much time and attention that by time I have even the slightest break, my creative juices are exhausted. And I don’t even have to be that creative when it comes to blogging–it’s not like world building. But it’s not my type of creativity. It’s not the free creativity I love–thus why it is incredibly taxing on me.

Just wanted to share that. Don’t know if others run into the same issue. But that’s my real moment for the day.

– Dan


4 thoughts on “I’ll be honest with ya…

  1. I know that I also struggle with those different mindsets. I think the best thing is to give yourself at least an entire day of focussing on your creative side – no blogging, dont even THINK about blogging on this day.

    1. I do like that idea but it becomes especially hard because at this phase in the game it requires constant attention, so even a day can have effects–minor I guess though. I also love to spontaneously write/think/create, I’m not the best at setting a set schedule (I hate schedules like that usually hahaha) I’m just looking forward to the day my series has gathered enough attention to the point where it starts to market itself. That’ll be a good day ☺️

      1. I would love to have a co-blogger! I also really need to find a marketing director because blogging is just one of the dozens of things that are apart of promotional stuff 😁

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