How’s Your week been?

I enjoy community, and I really love this wordpress community that I’m apart of. So, this is just me, checking up on You, to see how your weeks going so far. Positives? Negatives? Other miscellaneous things? Life? Just checking up and staying connected.

Mine’s been slow. Lots of waiting around for meetings and things that mostly canceled. So that kind of sucks. But I have had time to see my friends during the night, which has been really nice. Spending time with friends is crucial to staying, well, sain. I think. I don’t know, things can just get pretty tough so having a close-knit group of friends to support you is an amazing blessing. I was also able to get some writing in! Which, you didn’t know this, but I have been having a hard time writing lately. There’s been so much discouraging stuff, little time, and other things happening in my life that it’s just been hard to sit down and write. I’ll talk more on this later but at this very moment I have to go!


6 thoughts on “How’s Your week been?

  1. I hope you find the inspiration to start writing again! Don’t push yourself and don’t let the negatives get to you too much. 😁
    My week has been so busy with school – thank goodness I’ll be on holidays in one more week. But its been a crazy and emotionally challenging week for me!

    1. Thanks Josie! 😄 And you’re year 12 right?? It’s weird that you are still right now because the states have been on holiday for a few months now! Well, I haven’t been, my school goes year round!

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