I need to get into more audiobooks, just saying. My schedule consists of so much driving, so much running around, so much going and so little reading. I feel like audiobooks are the perfect solution because I can just flick them on and off whenever. What are your thoughts on them? They really seem to be gaining popularity but the only problem I have with getting them is that I could by three digital books for the price of one audio book. Gahh.

Plus I love a paperback book. They smell nice.


4 thoughts on “Audiobooks

  1. I use audiobooks almost every single day (Monday-Friday). I listen to audiobooks while I am working. I personally really like them as long as the narrator is good. If I don’t like the narrator, then I find it hard to listen to and I usually don’t continue to listen. Most libraries let you get audiobooks for free (obviously free, lol) on their websites and you can use it with an app called “OverDrive”. I get all audiobooks that I listen to from my local library via the OverDrive app and it’s amazing! It saves on the expensive cost of them all! I would never be able to listen to as many audiobooks as I do right now without it. I would also never actually purchase an audiobook, because I can’t justify the price when I can get more than one physical book (or e-book) for the price of one audiobook. But the OverDrive app paired with my local library is AMAZING!

  2. I personally haven’t been able to get into audiobooks. I tried listening to A Game Thrones, but I couldn’t get very far. I might try again though because they are great ways to read and do things at the same time.

    1. Yeah I’ve heard that if the narrator is bad it really puts a damper on the books! I think that’s what would bother me the most, because the voices in my head will probably sound so different compared to their voices!

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