(OIQ) – Overactive Imagination Question (3) – Who Lives Here?

The rules are simple: If you have an overactive imagination, or any imagination at all really, feel free to share what You think!

OIQ: Who lives here? 

  • Is it more than one person?
  • Is it a person?
  • What are they like?
  • Why do they live here?
  • And what’s up with the tree?


As always, here’s ONE of my answers! Feel free to comment and share your own thoughts, it makes things more fun! 😀

A family of dwarfs lives in this house built behind a tree. They thought it would hide them from foes but miscalculated the size of their house–plus a family of twenty four isn’t easy to hide. Although these dwarves chose the mountains, they didn’t choose the mountains. These dwarves didn’t want to live in a cave or sleep on slabs, they wanted a nice, cozy little place with warm fluffy beds. So they built a simply house, way up high. But, as time came to pass, they soon acquired neighbors–some like minded and some with contrasting opinons. But, in a magical little village with dwarves, dragons, witches, runaway princesses and princes, what do you except? Nevertheless, they all seem to coexist pretty well. And although the dwarves tree isn’t doing its original job of hiding them, they’re okay with it’s new job of being a marker for home–plus it acts as a pretty good curtain.


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