The Water Travelers

NEW REVIEW of Book One of The Water Travelers series! Check it out 4 out of 5 Stars!

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The Water Travelers by Daniel Waltz. This was a good book, and so first I’ll give you a summary, and then I will tell you what I thought. 🙂 (I also have come to believe that this is the first book in a series)

Summary: Aaron is the son of the king of Upitar. Upitar and Earth have not gotten along in the past, and the King wants Aaron to go to Earth, bring back a girl, and kill her. There was a prophecy about the girl saying she was going to destroy some pretty important things. Uh-oh. haha. Anyway, Aaron goes to Earth (the people from Upitar travel to Earth by submerging themselves in water and water traveling, hence the name of the book. lol) and of course falls in love with the girl he was meant to kill. You can see how that might cause some issues. Haha.

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