That really cool moment when

There’s a really special moment when someone tells you how much they enjoy your books. Like, honestly, it’s such confidence booster. I just had a good thirty minute conversation about the first book and the characters and the plot leading into the second and it put a smile on heart.

Just wanted to share that with you guys. I don’t know why. Enjoy your evenings, stay awesome.

And I know that jumble of a paragraph was pretty sucky in terms of writing, so please forgive me and don’t hold it against The Water Travelers.

On another side note. I’m exhausted. Today was good, though. And I’m about to brew some tea with a dragon and castle on the front so boom bam copachow vroom–I can’t wait. I also can’t fly. What a bummer.


5 thoughts on “That really cool moment when

  1. Hey Daniel I just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading “The Curse of Senapin” and I’ve posted my review of it on my blog in the “Books” tab. Feel free to reblog it here if you want.

    Thanks again so much for letting me read it. I hope I get to read book 3 whenever it’s released 😆.

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