Overactive Imagination Question – 2: What Used to Play Here?

Sorry it took me a while to post another one of these, things have been busy! Feel free to join in if you want! The rules are simple: If you have an over active imagination, or any imagination at all really, feel free to share what You think!

OIQ: When you look at this stage, what do you see playing here long ago? 

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Here’s ONE of my answers to the question, feel free to share yours! I’d love to hear what you see!

  • When I saw this stage I had to take a moment to stop and soak it in. The world grew dark as lanterns slung from the trees around me. The benches and walkways filled with people dressed in beautiful gowns and old suit coats. What played on the the stage was not as important as the atmosphere around the stage. It was lively, friendly, and made you feel apart of it in every moment. People were glad to see each other, strangers shared laughs, and together a community gathered simply to enjoy gathering.

It certainly was a lovely moment to be apart of. And the stage jesters and flute players made it all the more memorable.

I know I diverted my own question, but hey, who cares? Let your imagination adventure. 


4 thoughts on “Overactive Imagination Question – 2: What Used to Play Here?

  1. What I see here is a flood of memories of moments of two people, spending t e entirety of their lives around this stage. In their early childhoods they would run up and down the aisles chasing each other, performing for one another without a care. In high school, they would spend time with their groups of friends, hanging out of the benches, practicing drama performances, and spending quality time alone, exploring the experiences and feelings of first love. Kisses, hugs, fights, breakups and makeups. They’d spent their individual lives, strolling past it, lingering for moments to bask in the memories of the life they once had that had drifted as they grew into individuals.
    That’s what I see. 😊

    1. Not a very happy ending now is it? 😜 But a great feeling can be pulled from this which I think is really cool! I thought the little kid performance part and the high school alone time with the two of them was such a nice touch. It really made me want them to end up together and I’m quite bummed they didn’t!! Thanks for sharing, I loved it!

      1. Yes, I agree! I felt myself pulling towards that happy ending where the two might one day come back to reminisce and then bump into each other and then reunite! The possibilities are endless. 😊 You’re welcome, as always I love this.

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