Fictious Reality

This poem.


Sorry to tell you, my dear
I am now addressing you greatest fear
The world you live in, is the reality
It may seem that i’m heading towards insanity
But I do not lie,
You may ask me why?
Why, the dragons,castles and adventures you seek,
or goblins, giants and smelly dungeons that reek
are just beautiful words,
But the pen is mightier than the sword
and it can take you to places,
make your head create new faces,
give you detailed descriptions
and figure out ancient inscriptions
It will make you love and hate
In those books you may find your mate
If only these characters and destinations were true,
And there would be Cinderella with her glass shoe,
we’d go travel through Wonderland,
Then have journeys through deserted sands,
Sit on horses with wings,
Discover golden penguins that sing,
Travel in a box that’s blue,
search maps for…

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