Hey! I Need Your Help

I need help spreading the word that The Water Travelers is free on Amazon until Friday. I want this book series to be big, guys. And it’s challenging. Really challenge. And I need tons of help. Right now it’s #2,025 in the Kindle Store. That’s 2,025 seats away from being #1. 2,025 books that stand in our way from being in the top spot on the front page. 2,o25 rankings from being able to say, “Hey. We did it. We actually did it.”

As a young, self published author, this is incredibly challenging. Almost impossible. But you know what I say? Screw the impossible. Screw the rules. Screw the people who look down on you for being too young or not qualified to publish a book or be #1. Screw em. Screw it. Let’s do this thing.

Let’s be #1.

If you’re on board for making this happen, it won’t be a challenge. Not with all of us. Share this post with whoever and wherever you can. Let’s bring down the system of how you’re supposed to do something and let’s just do it.

The Link to the book is HERE, or you can just click on the picture of the cover. Thank you so much to everyone who has already been apart of making this book so popular. I wouldn’t be at #2,025 without you guys and from the bottom of my heart please understand that it really truly deeply means so much to me. You’re all awesome and I love you.

Now let’s rock it.

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8 thoughts on “Hey! I Need Your Help

  1. Hi Daniel! I just downloaded your book on Amazon. I think we have similar dreams, I also write YA fiction and I’m planning on self-publishing my book soon. I don’t have a ton of followers but I’ll reblog this for you. I’ll just say that I would recommend making your synopsis shorter (people have short attention spans). Anyway, best of luck!

    1. Reblogs are the leading cause of happy tears. Thank you so much Rose! And thank you for the advice. I do have a shorter synopsis that I used for a while, but this one was getting way more attention so I switched to it. But, it’s nice to keep things fresh so I may switch back in due course 🙂

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