In 6 HOURS! Not Crazy!

I know I said 4, one hour ago. No, I’m not trying to screw with you. No, I’m not crazy. (Well, …)

I didn’t see that it was Pacific Standard Time Okay? MY BAD GUYS. Hate me. Love me. I don’t care. No wait I do. (not crazy.)

The book will be available in 6 hours. (3 AM my time.) I don’t know what your times are, but if they’re not Pacific Standard Time then the book won’t be free at Midnight. Or maybe it’s already free right now. Does it work like that? Maybe? I know this–I really do.




no wait 6 hours. What am I saying. Holy crap.

6 hours. 6 hours from right now you can get Heir of the Unknown foo Freeeeeeee! (5 hours 48 minutes….)

Also, click that little button. It wants you to click it. I want you to click it. Aladdin, Prince Ali, want’s you to click it. I think. Probably.

The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown


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