Germany, Salzburg and Switzerland (Europe Trip, 2)


All of these locations were incredible. The experience and the atmosphere is extraordinary and I can’t wait to return to it.

Europe has some really cool architecture. No doubt. The burn marks on that building are said to be from WWII. I loved how buildings weren’t just torn down but instead preserved. In front of it was a lovely open town center where people were dancing, taking pictures and music was being played… There just wasn’t enough time in Munich. We only planned for one night (because it was the cheapest place to fly into) but it definitely needed–deserved to at least two nights!

The castle was amazing! I have always wanted to go in a castle (check that off the bucket list) and actually getting to experience one was like living in my imagination without it being my imagination. You get what I mean? Walking the halls that knights and kings once walked was something unexplainable. The fact that people once lived there, had lives, had problems, had day-to-day events, relationships, families and friends–it’s really something to soak in. I loved it. I want to go back and experience more of it. I wish we could have gotten to see more of the insides of the castle (throne room, grand ball room, sleeping courters, ect.) but alas, must save some for next time. I have a bunch of other pictures on the castle that I’ll be sharing in the future when I do an entire post covering the Hohensalzburg Fortress. But this should wet your appetite for now. 😉

And that view. Well, yeah. Just try to soak that in. (Mountains were were also behind and to the side, with some waterfalls as well.) Switzerland is pretty amazing. There’s also a caver-mountain pass thing behind me that I’ll be doing a post on in the near future as well.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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