Overactive Imagination Friday Question: The Door

I’ll be trying to do these consistently! If you have an over active imagination, or any imagination at all really, feel free to share what You think!

OIQ: When you see this picture, what do you think? What’s the story behind it. Primarily focusing on the door. What’s beyond it? Where is it? Why is it there? What’s the name of it?IMG_6579

Here’s one of my scenarios (yes, you can have multiple, if you like)  :

  • Behind this door is a high level prison holding extremely dangerous creatures and criminals. They are not the most dangerous in the universe, for this prison wouldn’t be able to contain them, but they are still not to be trifled with. The door leads to a security check, where armed guards with special swords designed to deal heavy pain when touched to the prisoners garments stand watch. Beyond them is a long pathway that goes out to the middle of the prison. The inside of the prison is like a cylinder, and the prisoners are kept half a mile down. The only way up or down is by a pulley system that has a small railed platform, which, at max, can carry three people. (Usually one prisoner with two guards.)
  • This door is not overly complicated or gawky in appearance. It is supposed to be secret. In fact, the entrance to this prison is in a cathedral only a mile outside of a main city. No one knows it’s there, though, and most people who see it think it’s just some door in a cathedral. This is so that even if someone wanted to break someone out, they wouldn’t know where to begin. Some say that the prison is just a myth or legend, because no one really knows of its existence.
  • The name of the prison is The Darker Abyss.


What are Your thoughts????



Happy Friday everyone and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Remember, starting Monday, The Water Travelers: Heir of the Unknown will be free on Amazon Kindle for 5 Days! Tell all your friends–we’re trying to make this event BIG.



4 thoughts on “Overactive Imagination Friday Question: The Door

  1. Great scenario!
    What I can picture here, what comes up in my imagination is that this is a door that leads to an ancient realm. This door is the gateway to a magical portal which takes you to this ancient land. It can only be accessed by those special few people who – recognized by the gods (the statues) are allowed entry!

      1. Okay cool thanks! I didn’t know if people would like it or not, but it’s something I enjoy doing. Hopefully more people will chime in and join the conversation too! I love hearing how people think and what’s going on in other peoples heads.

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