Now, I’ve told all of you my dreams for The Water Travelers series. I want it to be big. Really big. And pursuing that goal is gonna take a lot of work and time and tears and sweat and blood (type one diabetic, I have to poke my figure multiple times a day so technically I can pull the blood card. Right?)

So, phase one of this massive Water Travelers Campaign, this special announcement, is doing a FREE AMAZON DIGITAL GIVEAWAY of Book One, Heir of the Unknown. (Technically this is phase Zero. Phase one is something else.)

BUT. I need your help.

I really need your help. I need to spread the word of this free kindle giveaway. It will take place between the 8th-12th of June and I want everyone and their brother to know that they can get a free copy.

So, what I’m asking is that you (person reading this whom I do appreciate and care about) share this information with your friends, family, bloggers, and other social media sites. NOTE that: I have no problem returning the favor.

Thanks again for everyone who has helped and taking interested/care in this seven part book series. I love you people.




3 thoughts on “**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT**

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