[Review] The Water Travelers : Heir of the Unknown

Hey Guys, check out this great new review of The Water Travelers! And look at the amazing graphic Tifany made!

Red Reading Girl

bottom-copyTitle : The Water Travelers – Heir of the Unknown
Author : Daniel Waltz
Language : English
Publisher : Createspace
Published in : 2014
Start : May 5, 2015 / Finish : May 10, 2015
My Rating : ★★★½ 3.50

First of all, I wanna say I’m sorry because my brain doesn’t wanna work with me right now, so forgive me for any misspelling words here. I’m currently sick and my brain just… it just doesn’t wanna work with me! Ugh! Curse you filthy-little-brain! trying to be like Ron, lol

I’ve never heard this book before. But then suddenly, the author-Daniel asked me to do a review for this book. He has a blog, click here to see his blog. Well, I thought it was a new-released book, but then I checked on Goodreads and it was published on December last year. And sadly, among thousand of people (lol…

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