I’M HOME, FRIENDS–Or maybe we’re not friends, but we should be.


Dearest Bloggers that I’ve greatly missed, I’m back. And Europe is incredible.

Before I get into things I just want to give a huge shout out to the one and only Zachary Rossetter for guest blogging for me while I was away. He’s one of my closest friends and I loved reading all the comments and conversations he had for me while I was away. Thank you to you guys for talking with him and making him feel at home in the blogging world!! On that note, I do plan to have Zach doing more guest blogging every once and a while–as long as he wants to.

Now, Europe. 

Oh my gosh guys. Oh my gosh.

That place is freaking incredible. I’ll be posting some pictures quite frequently on a page on my blog, so check out the Europe tab to see all that cool stuff and dumb stuff! I loved it over there, though. European culture–my people. I’m planning on moving over there. I adored the landscape and the architecture and the people and life styles and atmosphere and EVERYTHING. IT WAS AWESOME I LOVED IT.

Those are my words on that matter.


Now that I’m back, I’m going to putting The Water Travelers series through a massive rehaul. (EEE <– That’s excited and really freaking nervous.) As some of you know, there are many errors in the books. So, I’m going to be getting both of them reedited so that they are ready for what’s next.

What is next, you ask?

Well, guys, I want to do big things. I want this book to be a big book. Not like, big as in size, but big as in recognition. I know, it’s a dream a lot of people have. 1 and 10 Icelanders publish a book in there life time. (A little fact I learned, also over have the nation believes in Elves. Cool people.)  But I’m serious. I want this book series to world wide. I want it to be the next big book. That’s what I’m aiming for. I’m going to try and try and try and try until the door is slammed so hard in my face that it breaks.

I’m going to need a lot of help though. It has to spread, people have to be interested in reading it. So, if you liked it, please please please please please x1000000000000000 (big number) tell others to check it out and leave a review of it. If you didn’t like it, please tell me why! GIVE ME CRITICISM. I can handle it as long as it’s not some dumb comments like ‘Well I thought that the main character should have been a turtle because that would have fit the mood better.’ I enjoy serious criticism–the stuff that I can take and apply to my future writing.

So that’s what I want to do with that.


Yeah we’ll see.


You can get chocolate covered croissants with drizzled chocolate on them for like a dollar over there. It’s awesome!


4 thoughts on “I’M HOME, FRIENDS–Or maybe we’re not friends, but we should be.

  1. I’m so excited for you! I can really see The Water Travelers series spreading far and wide! You know how I feel about the book, and I think with the changes you’re going to make, you can reach your goal! I’m definitely going to spread the word about your book and get it out there!
    And there’s a nation that actually believes in elves? Now that is incredibly cool.

    1. Thank you so much Josie!! Like really, thank you thank you thank you thank you. It means a lot!

      And yeah! Iceland! It’s super cool. There were all these random Iceland facts while on my flights between countries. They were super funny but also really awesome. Iceland is an incredible place.

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